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Carlsberg, one of the world's largest breweries, wanted to demonstrate ten reasons why their beer is unique.  Working with ADtomic Communications I was given ten subjects and asked to relate these to Carlsberg beer, and do so with a "twinkle in my eye." At first, I put a little too much twinkle in the text. It was quickly toned down by the account rep and the results (in Carlsberg speak) work pretty well. Great design work by the Flash programmer. 

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If you have ever travelled the Danish countryside in the summer, then you have undoubtedly admired the beautiful yellow barley lazing in the long summer days. This wholesome Danish barley is destined to become the essential ingredient in our beer. Harvested, quality checked, and cared for, the resulting malt is the essence and importantly, the only grain used to make Carlsberg premium quality all malt beer. 

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