Taking ownership
I have been very fortunate to work with some great companies over the years. One thing that I noticed from people who were successful in business was their enthusiasm and commitment to their product or company. You can call that passion taking ownership.

These days the word ownership appears a lot in employment ads and I can see why. I just wonder if those applying for the jobs truly understand its meaning. The reason I bring this up is because, taking ownership means a lot to me. When we have a project, the project is as much my baby as yours.  I will work on it 'till it gets done, and done right, regardless of the budget we initially set forth.

Whatever it takes
An old coach of mine used to preach (more yell): whatever it takes. That motto is still important to me. The only difference is that now I know it means more than just staying up late to make sure the job gets done. It means taking ownership of the project and making it just as important to me, as it is to you. Doing whatever it takes to achieve the goals, you and I establish for the project. The only way I am successful is if you are.   

Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue
I came to Denmark about 20 years ago. Just in time to see the country win the EM in football, watch it develop into the most civilized place in the world to live* and as of late, waver between readily admitting to strangers that I am an American or not.

I came direct from New York where I did the advertising for the most insane (also the largest retail media buyer) account in the USA - Crazy Eddies.  For those of you that never heard of us, we made advertising history for better or worse. Coming to Denmark back then, there wasn't much need for an English-speaking advertising professional. Even when I tried to convince organisations that they needed to profile themselves in English, or at least better formulated English. Luckily, the Internet changed all that.

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What counts is now. If you have a project that needs skills and someone to take ownership of it, to make sure it gets done and done right, contact me.

*OECD survey