Communications, PR, Inbound Marketing Services


Andrew Singer provides communications and inbound marketing services for leading organisations in very diverse sectors.  My clients include healthcare companies, hi-tech application providers, travel organistations, conference organisers, FMCGs, ad agencies and more. 

Copywriting - blogging, social media, SEO lead conversion, lead nurturing, closed-loop analysis
Need an expert English copywriter with a proven track-record for creating engaging, keyword driven communications? I've written everything from websites to corporate speeches for large organisations and struggling start-ups. Why not save a bundle, I'll tailor your communications to meet your budget and marketing goals.

marketing strategy - base your platform on how your customer and Google see you
The key to every campaign. I help you establish your objectives and make sure that together, we develop a marketing and brand strategy to achieve your objectives and goals. As a team, we identify the tactics, channels and keywords that will improve your marketing in the most cost effective manner and importantly, track the results.
If you are launching a product, let's work together to find the right channels to promote it: Discovering and targeting key stakeholders and media to get your brand on the right people's minds.

creative development
If you need ideas, fresh ideas, I'll help you develop creative campaigns that work. Not just creative for creative sake, but to achieve results. If you are not looking to reinvent the wheel but just continue with an already proven look and feel, why not save big money and take advantage of my cost-effective team.

Danish to English
Just need a simple write over, edit or translation, I'll match your tone or style guide with text that works. I partner with some great art directors. If you need brochures, banners, catalogues, adverts, presentations, you name it, and we will make or create it. If the project is too big, we'll bring in the full muscle of a top international agency to get your project done on time and in budget.