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SpeediCath Control

Working with Tribal DDB, I have been copywriter for two product websites for international healthcare provider, Coloplast. The two sites are SpeediCath Control - Coloplast's latest men's catheter, and its wound care site that features its Biatain line of wound dressings.

After a solid brief from Tribal, I was asked to write the text for the catheter site targeted to men with challenged dexterity. The new product is intended to empower men with physical limitations and help them to, with its unique features, self-catheterise. The site's tone is intentionally informal.

Speedicath website screenshot


I was copywriter for the patient wound care website for international healthcare provider Coloplast.

I was given some 100 pages of medical studies and literature on the subject of wound care, and asked to make it easy to understand for patients. The question was: could I understand all this medical mumbo jumbo? They say it is easy to read, you tell me. The site is up and doing its job. I have since edited the version of the website targeted to healthcare professionals and am continually called on to create on and offline campaigns for the Biatain line of wound dressings. 

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