Novo Nordisk Outdoor CampaignNovo Nordisk outdoor banner

Messaging at EASD international Diabetes conference

As the world�s leader in diabetes treatment, Novo Nordisk wanted to brand the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Conference (EASD) as its own; demonstrating to diabetes professionals and the general public that it was indeed, # 1 in the world in diabetes care.

The company was firmly able to establish it presence at the conference through a dominating outdoor media buy in Amsterdam.

Working with Adtomic Communications, we needed to refresh Novo Nordisk�s changing diabetes campaign. Not reinvent the wheel, but find a way to express the brand in a new and motivational way.

With a prerequisite to keep changing diabetes in the message, I decided to add two lines of text to each advert. These would act as a bridge and demonstrate how Novo Nordisk or you (the public) are changing diabetes via a call to action or corporate statement.

For Novo Nordisk this was a radical departure from its previous messaging, but one, they excitedly jumped on. The entire outdoor branding campaign was a solid success.

Novo Nordisk bannerNovo Nordisk banner in train stationNovo Nordisk banners in airport

 Novo Nordisk Corporate Calendar - hard copy sample available