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Throughout the years, I have worked on a variety of very diverse projects, some as an employee and some as a consultant.

Danish to English translations
Recently I have been providing Danish to English translations. The companies like my work because aside from just translating the words, I am able to embellish them or change them outright to sound like an original English text.
I have provided translation services for:
Access PR
Sticks 'n' Sushi
Jazz Denmark

In a previous life
The video is a commercial I did for Crazy Eddies. Way back when I used to write copy for the USA's #1 electronics retail chain and manage their print advertising (USD 20 mln/yr).  What can I say? We were young!

Examples include various press releases and financial news stories

Press release a from the Nordic Open - PGA European Tour
Press release b from the Nordic Open - PGA European Tour
Press release a from Quizpeople

Press release b from Quizpeople
Financial News Story a
Financial News Story b